PanelDetection.classifyMountingConfiguration(image_file_path, acc_cutoff=0.65, file_name_save=None, use_nms=True)[source]

This function is used to detect and classify the mounting configuration of solar installations in satellite imagery. It leverages the Detecto package’s functionality (, to perform object detection on a satellite image.

  • image_file_path (string) – File path of the image. PNG file.

  • acc_cutoff (float) – Default set to 0.65. Confidence cutoff for whether or not to count a object detection classification as real. All returned classications greater than or equal to the accuracy cutoff are counted, and all classifications less than the accuracy cutoff are thrown out.


tuple Tuple consisting of (scores, labels, boxes), where ‘scores’ is the list of object detection confidence scores, ‘labels’ is a list of all corresponding labels, and ‘boxes’ is a tensor object containing the associated boxes for the associated labels and confidence scores.

Return type